An Open Letter

Thanks Dirk

An Open Letter

Thanks for staying in Dallas for twenty amazing years.
Thanks for staying wonderful even when the years were not.

Thanks for never torturing us with trade rumors.
Thanks for giving us a home-town discount,
even when we didn’t deserve it.

Thanks for staying after Nash left.
Thanks for staying after Michael left.
After Jet.
After Tyson.
Especially after Tyson.

Thanks for persevering after ‘06.
Thanks for learning how to go left.
Thanks for becoming unguardable.

Thanks for running off the WCF Podium 
when you weren’t done.
Thanks for finally planting that Championship Flag.
Thanks for leading us in the most beautiful rendition of
“We are the Champions” we’ve ever heard.

Thanks for adopting Dallas as your home.
Thanks for embracing us as your people.
Thanks for repping our teams as your own.

Thanks for giving us twenty years.
We could go on for another twenty,
but we really just want to say:

Thanks, Dirk.